Comic Book – Phillip Island


The BMH in its initial guise had only raced at the Caversham Motor Raceway and the Northam Street Circuits of 1955 and 1956. After a return to racing at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth the BMH has raced at many other circuits and went interstate to Victoria in 2008 to compete in the Phillip Is Classic at the Grand Prix circuit Phillip Is. on its first run it proved to be massively over geared for the circuit utilizing a 3.36 ratio rear axle, this was changed to a 3.55 unit for the 2009 event and proved very successful with the car reaching its 6000rpm upper limit entering turn one at 130MPH.  Here is some video footage of both the events and selected photographs of the car at Phillip Is.

The 2009 visit started with a disaster of having the tail plane of the car fail in transport. This severely damaged the very thin alloy body which ultimately had to be replaced, the car was hastily repaired by volunteers visiting from Western Australia and it was all up and fixed in no time ready for racing

Read our two magazine articles written of the occasion:

HURRY HURRY WAIT THE 2008 STORY (under construction)


Video footage from Phillip Island:

Travelinf to Phillip Island:
Arrived Safely:
BMH heads out to test the damp circuit:
Pit lane Phillip Island:
Warm Up lap:
At Speed on the Gardiner Straight:
The 2009 disaster tail plane failure:
Tail Plane missing:
The WA repair crew hard at it:
Glenn Seton Autographs the damage:
Our neighbor Bo Seton scribbling on the tail:
Fast Lap:
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