Comic Book – Aubry Victor Badger

A.V. Badger 1955 State Sedan Car Champion


Aub Badger was a character much loved in the community, back in 1990 I began the task of researching Aub and his motor cars, 20 years on, I own two of his creations and have enjoyed many years of racing his machines. Back in 1996 I wrote an article about the man and his machines, whilst it is still a work in progress it was fairly accurate, read all about it below

The Badger Story

Click on the photo to read the Badger story:
Three wheel action by A Badger:
Aub Badger:
FJ Holden in action 1955 Sedan car Championship:
Vale A Badger. Click on image to view:
2009 State livery. Click on image to view:
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