Comic Book – Winton


In 2009 the BMH made the journey to Historic Winton some 3000kms from it’s home in Perth Western Australia. This was the 33rd Annual Winton featuring the “Australian Specials”. The BMH is the epitome of the Australian Special being constructed largely from the remains of a Holden 48-215 or FX. The car performed very well with wonderful competition between all of the competitors took place. The car was accompanied to Winton by five other Western Australian cars including other Australian Specials in the TS Special and the Mercury 100 Ford V8 special. The car which is far from ideally suited to the tight twisting circuit managed a 1.18 second lap time

Here is a link to the race results: Winton Event 36 results by Natsoft

Winton action was a feature of the light hearted Front Engine Racing Car News of June 2009 follow this link to the article: Winton Supplement

Video Action at Winton from the onboard camera of the BMH:

Hostoric Winton:
Racing included early Clubman Cars:
Last turn onto the front straight at Winton:
Fellow WA competitor the TS Special:
Peugeot Special:
Alvis Speed 20 also from WA:
Start Line for the Handicap event:
Race 1 Start:
Winton Pit:
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