Badger Chevrolet


This started out life as a 1936 FC Chevrolet Sports, it was raced in standard form for some years in the hands of Bob Tomms and Aubury Badger and others untill it was crashed heavily. The RHS chassis rail was damaged as was the body so the staff at the local garge removed the body and replaced the chassis rail, Badgers neighbor fabricated the body and they replaced only the necessary sheet metal in an attempt to create a special. It runs near standard 1936 Chevrolet componentry. The car was rescued from Kellerberrin in 1978 to be used as spares for a 1936 roadster which was then under restoration, It was not untill 1997 that it became apparent that the car had a history of racing and was restored. It has competed in Western Australia for more than 10 years and was driven to Victory in the Commerorative Australian Grand Prix at Narrogin in 2001.

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